Keynote - Accelerating global COVID-19 response: from outbreak prediction to vaccine protection

July 22, 2020

AWS leadership and six industry pioneers will share how they have used AWS technology to be more agile and innovative in their COVID-19 response, from basic research, to clinical care and new vaccine development. 

  • Cloud technology to support global health crisis response - Shez Partovi, AWS
  • Using machine learning to mitigate risks for emerging infectious diseases - Kamran Khan, BlueDot
  • Powering Genomics England’s research environment and the UK Government’s COVID-19 research response - Maria Chatzou Dunford, Lifebit
  • Identifying a potential drug candidate for human clinical trials in under 4 months - Carl Hansen, AbCellera
  • Enabling agility in COVID-19 clinical and imaging research - Mike Hogarth, UC San Diego Health
  • Rethinking patient engagement with a digital COVID-19 case assistant - Ali Parsa, Babylon
  • The race for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine - Stephane Bancel, Moderna
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