Cloudicity - Cloud-Native Healthcare Data Interoperability & COVID-19

July 16, 2020

The exchange of information across healthcare helps organizations learn actionable ways to improve the quality of care, increase the efficacy of clinical decisions, and lower provider costs. As COVID-19 data rapidly floods our health systems, organizations are quickly realizing that traditional hardware solutions fail to keep up and they're looking to the AWS cloud as a solution. Join Gerry Miller, Founder & CEO of Cloudticity to learn why the future of healthcare data interoperability is cloud-native and how some of the largest public health systems are currently leveraging AWS and Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™ to enhance COVID-19 surveillance, reduce the spread, and improve patient outcomes.


Presented by Gerry Miller, Founder & CEO / Cloudicity

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UCSD Health - Enabling Rapid Deployment of Clinical Research

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